The famous Haze Brothers first bred one of the most legendary strains in the cannabis community in Santa Cruz during the mid-70s: Haze Strains. While this strain is known for its intense uplifting effects and spicy, earthy flavors, it also packs a highly potent punch that will leave you feeling elevated, happy and euphoric.

A mix of landrace strains — which means that while they aren’t wild, they haven’t formally been used for breeding — many modern Haze phenotypes can take up to 16 weeks to mature. Consequently, growers shouldn’t be disappointed if these plants aren’t as fast as your average grow.

The Haze family of strains has evolved to include many different strains, hybrids and variations and has become one of the most popular on the market today for its long-lasting effects. In this post, we’ll highlight whether Haze strains are sativa or indica and the qualities of different plants with Haze genetics and profile some of our favorites at Terrapin.

Are Haze Strains Indica or Sativa?

Haze is typically a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. This strain is popular primarily because of its cerebral high, which will not cloud your mind and delivers uplifting and euphoric effects that often promote creativity.

Haze sativa is a classic strain known for its distinct flavor, smooth smoke and high THC levels. Providing a potent blend of sweet, citrusy notes and earthy undertones with a long-lasting buzz, the most notable examples of Haze genetics are sativa-dominant hybrid strains that tend to grow long and thin.

Check Out These Terrapin Care Station Haze Strains

From Blueberry Haze to Northern Lights to Rove Haze, some modern takes on the classic strain deviate from many of the most common sativa-dominant variants and can be found on dispensary shelves across the country.

If you’re interested in trying out a strain that is a member of the Haze family, look no further than Terrapin Care Station. Below are two of our favorites we are sure you’ll love.

Hash Haze

Hash Haze is like a cuddly blanket for your mind. This indica-dominant cross of Cannalope Haze and Hash Plant is a must-try for its delightful and delicate sweet citrus flavor that makes you feel like you’re getting a much-needed hug!

Moonshine Haze

Reach for the stars with Moonshine Haze, our sativa-dominant hybrid that doesn’t leave you stuck on the couch and delivers a crisp, piney and citrusy aroma. You’ll find yourself energized and ready to take on any new adventure.

Here’s what thinks about Moonshine Haze Strain!