Looking for the best strain for sleep? You’ve come to the right place!

Sleep is the elusive, intangible need all humans must have to function. However, insomnia, anxiety, pain and random flash-backs to that one time in sixth grade often sabotage our sleep efforts. Many people use cannabis to soothe the body and mind in order to reach a deep-sleeping state. The Sleep Foundation reports that around 70% of young adults use cannabis to help them sleep and 85% of medical marijuana patients claim that consuming weed before bed improves their sleep.

Although there are a plethora of reports that note cannabis’s sleep-aid qualities, not all cannabis is ideal as a sleep aid. Understanding the ratio of THC to CBD will help you pick the right strand for sleep. Generally, the higher the THC, the more stimulating, whereas the higher the CBD, the more sedative. Ideally, a ratio of low THC to CBD is great for sleep aids. Below is a list of strains we like to use before bedtime.

Best Strain for Sleep:

Wedding Cake
Sunset Sherbert
Girl Scout Cookies
Grandaddy Purple
Hindu Kush
Grape Ape
Pink Kush

How you consume cannabis prior to sleeping is tangential to the medium. If it is an edible, the onset effects will take longer to feel than ground flower or concentrates. We all have been having trouble sleeping lately. However, we’re sleeping easier now knowing that cannabis is a natural, simple sleep solution option. Check out the rest of Terrapin’s Strains