You’ve likely heard or read the words “small batch sizes” in regards to certain products and brands, but what does that mean? Why is this a positive thing, and what does it refer to when used to describe cannabis?



There are a myriad of reasons manufacturers choose small batches, most importantly a smaller margin for error. Imagine your job is to herd 500 puppies into a giant playpen. It would make more sense to deliver them in groups of 5, rather than try to corral all 500 at once – as there are less moving parts to keep a watchful eye on. Many companies choose to view their products the same way, and produce them in smaller batches to make sure that each unit is the highest possible quality.

The goal of any brand is to constantly produce better products to keep their loyal customers happy. Aside from delivering higher quality products, smaller batches also leave more room for experimentation. In the context of cannabis, it allows brands like The Woods Reserve to ensure that each exotic strain is not only growing, but flourishing! Each cannabis strain has its own needs, and with smaller batch sizes The Woods’ growers can quickly test different methods and hypotheses, measure results, and continuously improve.


The Woods Reserve grow in action!

Small batches are key for high quality brands, because it allows producers to spend time and energy where it counts. With continuous production, teams can divide responsibilities and produce faster. Growers are continuously growing, trimmers are continuously trimming, and packagers are always packaging. With every member of the team an expert of their craft, these duties can be done quickly and correctly. This extra time allows high end cannabis brands like The Woods Reserve to have the extra time needed for their claim to fame – an extra long cure. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening a jar of cannabis to reveal crispy flowers, but unfortunately this is a common occurrence in Colorado, where the environment is extremely dry. For the team at The Woods Reserve, dryness is unacceptable. Smaller batches allow them to cure their flower slowly and fully, keeping each strain’s unique terpene composition intact. This ensures that each jar is the home of moist, bouncy, pungent and potent buds. 


Each jar includes its own moisture pack, keeping cured buds squishy and moist

Lastly, small batches result in fresher products. With a continuous workflow, The Woods Reserve is able to deliver fresh, high quality cannabis to Terrapin Care Station shelves every few days. This means that when you stop by to pick up your flower, you can expect the best. These buds look, smell and taste like they were picked fresh off the plant, rather than spending weeks on the shelves. 

Small batches aren’t always preferred by consumers, as there occasionally comes a time when a variety of options are less readily available. When high quality products are also inexpensive they often sell out quickly. Manufacturers and brands are forced to make an important decision – to curb high demand by increasing the price, or to occasionally run low on product. The Woods Reserve stands by their decision to continue to offer a competitive price for their fresh flower. For products like these, it’s in customers’ best interest to check available stock often, and order the products they want when they see them on the menu.