In our last blog “What’s Live Resin and Why It’s the Coveted Cannabis Concentrate,” we explained why Double Bear Live Resin is considered the premium choice among concentrate enthusiasts. 

To sum up the process, flower is flash-frozen to preserve the plant’s “live” properties including terpenes and cannabinoid content. Following this cold flower therapy, there is a multi-step, complex process to maximize cannabinoid, terpene and flavor preservation. This extraction process concludes with a more terpene-rich product and a smoother smoking experience.

Now, you can conveniently enjoy this unadulterated concentrate in a Double Bear Live Sauce Vape. Our chemists have been perfecting the live resin extraction process, and now they’ve successfully packaged this ambrosial concentrate in a vape. 

What makes these vapes special? This vaporizable oil form of our Live Sauce delivers a more pure “flower-like” full-spectrum cannabis experience with the convenience of a cartridge. Each vape is dripping in significantly more flavor and aroma compared to our other oils. Think of Live Resin as a freshly sliced orange squeezed directly into your cup versus processed orange juice from the grocery store. Our live resin vapes deliver pure, fresh-picked flower with its natural flavors and cannabinoids without added distillate, terpenes, fillers or boosters. 

From soil to oil, we preserve a ripe and rich trinity of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids through our closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction method. The result is a flavorful and flower-forward Live Sauce recipe. 

It’s no wonder why cannabis aficionados gravitate towards this pure and lively cartridge. Everything you love about smoking flower is now conveniently packaged in a Double Bear Vape.