In preparation for Mother’s Day, we’re highlighting some of our favorite products that will help mom have canna-bliss on her special day. Whoever your mother-figure is, there is something in this pamper kit she’ll appreciate. 

MarQaha Coffee Flasq – Mom’s morning cup of joe will be extra special today with a slight sativa pour (with her permission, of course). MarQaha partnered with Denver-native coffee shop Ozo Coffee to brew this THC coffee-blended shot featuring 100mg of THC.  

Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate BlueKudu Bar – Your mother-figure is a sweet lady who deserves a treat. This vegan, sustainably sourced bar balances silky dark chocolate with bright tart cherry flavor. With 300mg of CBD and 10 mg THC per bar, this bar is perfect to help mom relax and savor her day.

Wana Strawberry Margarita Gummies – If your mom is like my mom, she wants to spend her day drinking margaritas by the pool. These Wana Strawberry Margarita Gummies are bursting with tangy strawberry and citrus notes. It will make you feel like you are sipping a salt-rimmed goblet of tequila on ice pool-side. With 5mg THC per gummy, these deliver a fast-acting cerebral effect for her pamper-day. 

Divine Kush Breath Flower  – A mother-figure is a divine feminine who deserves divine flower. Our Divine Kush Breath strain is an indica-dominant cross of Platinum Kush Breath and Divine Gelato #3. These glittery and dense nugs have rich, creamy notes from the Gelato side while also finding space to layer in serious gas tones from the Kush lineage. We recommend par-toking in the afternoon due to this strain’s reported sedative and relaxing effects.

Double Bear Jasmine Thai Sugar – Jewelry isn’t the only shiny thing you can get your mom. If your mom wants to add a little extra sparkle to her bowl, joint or dab, shimmering Jasmine Thai Sugar is our recommendation. This cannabis sugar is easy-to-use and robust with flavor and aromas (better than a candle from an apothecary, just saying). 

Whether she’s a casual or experienced consumer, our pamper kit will add something special to your mother-figure’s special day.