The Double Bear Concentrates lab has developed a new product to add sparkle and shine to their array of premium grade products. THC Diamonds have arrived at Terrapin Care Station locations, but we’re here to answer the common question…. “What exactly are THC diamonds?”

Cannabis diamonds -also known as ‘Terp Diamonds’ and ‘THCa Crystalline’ – are a pure, isolated form of THCa. THCa becomes activated when heat is applied to become the psychoactive THC. By isolating the THCa molecule, the result yields a highly potent yet clear concentrate, visually similar to that of diamond gems. Because they are so close to 100% THC, there’s not much room left for any other key elements within the THCa crystals, making their flavor fresh and light rather than overwhelmingly strong like some extract forms.

But where does the enchanting crystal-like appearance come from? This is where it gets truly fascinating! Instead of following the traditional extraction method of “baking” to purge a batch of concentrate, we place strain specific live resin into a specialized chamber called a diamond mine where under precise conditions such as pressure and heat, the resin begins to form or “grow” pure THCa diamonds. As this process ensues and crystals begin to form, a runny “sauce” will also accumulate in the diamond mine. This sauce is highly pungent in aroma due to it’s incredibly high terpene content. Once the diamonds are ready for harvest, they are separated from their HTE sauce and packaged for use! Depending on the product and yield, leftover HTE sauce can be added back to enrich the flavor of the individual diamonds.

Double Bear Diamonds can be used in a number of ways. They can be taken as a dab similar to wax, shatter or sugar. This can be achieved with a glass rig that supports extract use, a portable vaporizer pen or with an extract specific tool like a nectar collector. Even if dabs aren’t really your style, DB Diamonds can also be sprinkled atop a bowl of flower or even added into a joint so you can enjoy higher THC content within your preferred consumption ritual.

As mentioned above, Double Bear Diamonds routinely exceed 90% THCa levels with nearly 100% results achieved quite often. While that extreme medicinal THCa content is very attractive to certain types of consumers and patients, it may be just a bit intense for those who desire a more laid back experience.

Just a week before launching the THC Diamond line, Double Bear Concentrates also revealed their latest in portable vape options, HTE (High Terpene Extract) Cartridges. Easily used with their matching Double Bear battery or other 510 thread batteries, HTE Cartridges are a full-bodied flavor adventure for those who seek a refined, strain specific taste and feel. High Terpene Extract is the “sauce” type liquid we described above, produced when growing THC diamonds. Once the diamonds evolve from their original live extract form, terpenes maintain their amber glow, intense aroma, and unique strain profiles making HTE a perfect addition to concentrate cartridges.

You can find the brand new Double Bear Diamonds and HTE Cartridges at Terrapin Care Station locations in Colorado. Our knowledgeable dispensary teams are always ready and eager to help you learn more about exciting new products.

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