It’s time to start getting into the holiday spirit! Lights are twinkling, snow is falling, and we’re getting our shopping lists in order. More people than ever are enjoying the benefits of cannabis and that has inspired us to share our top cannabis products for gifting to your loved ones this year. We’ve got a cannabis holiday gift guide that tells you the best products for your partner, experienced stoners, gift exchanges and more. 

Edibles for their Sweet Tooth

There are lots of amazing edibles on the market with a range of cannabinoid doses, flavors, and candy types! For giving to your friend or relative with a sweet tooth, we recommend trying marQaha’s GoGo Gummies. The Sour Pink Lemonade, inspired by their drink flavor, is a crowd favorite! At 100mg of THC per package this is an easy winner for most because the gummies are gluten free, vegan, and dusted with real fruit! 

Extracts for the Cannabis Enthusiast

Double Bear

For a seasoned cannabis lover, there’s no better treat than a high-quality concentrate. Double Bear’s Life Sugar is extremely flavorful and packs a punch. 100% cannabis Live Sugar is sparkly and crystalline because of the high ration of THCa crystals and pure terpenes. Cake Crasher strain is a good option for lifting their mood and exciting their taste buds. 

Infused Drinks for a Holiday Party


The holidays are a time when food and drink are shared amongst loved ones. Its common to bring wine as a host gift, and so THC beverages are naturally a great gift to bring along. KEEF’s flo Energy drinks have a tropical flavor, 10 MG of THC, and 90 mg of caffeine. They’re a great complement to old friends and good times. 

Live Resin Infused Joints for your partner

Whether they prefer Indica or Sativa, live resin infused joints are an amazing gift to give and receive! For more experienced smokers, the .25 grams of resin in each preroll is enough to put more experienced smokers in a great mood. For everyone else, they’re ideal for sharing over hot chocolate and intimate conversation. Escape artists infused pre rolls have a glass tip for a clean smoking experience and contain high quality materials chosen for potency and flavor. 

CBD Topicals for Gift Exchanges 

When shopping for gift exchange, you want to choose something that could be enjoyed or useful to all kinds of people. You never know who might end up with your gifts, so it’s better to be safe and choose something without THC. Transdermal patches are a great way to give relief during the holidays. Mary Medicinals’ award winning transdermal patches contain 20mg of CBD which can provide pain relief for up to 8 hours. 

Terrapin’s Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 

Remember, being a good gift giver is about considering what the recipient will enjoy. We think this is a great list to inspire some ideas, but we can provide more specific recommendations if you visit us at a dispensary near you. Their friendly budtenders can guide you through our cannabis deals, product benefits, and strain selection. We’ll see you there!