Green Friday is coming! It has been true for decades. The Friday after Thanksgiving is a significant day for bargain hunting. Retailers offer their biggest discounts to incentivize large crowds and overspending. Over the years, people realized this practice is actually very harmful to collective mental health and sustainability. Black Friday drives the overconsumption and overproduction of unsustainable products. That’s why we’re celebrating Green Friday. We believe in advocating for our future! 

What is Green Friday?

Green Friday began as an “Anti-Black Friday Movement.” 

Environmental activists planted seeds of this idea decades ago, but the message is finally getting the attention it deserves! The short break that many of us enjoy after Thanksgiving is much better for exploring parks or spending time with family. Tons of brands like REI have thrown the Black Friday shopping tradition out the window. Instead of forcing their employees to forego precious time with their loved ones, many stores remain closed through Black Friday. They wait until the Saturday after Thanksgiving to open their doors. Here’s a list of parks that are perfect for skipping Black Friday.

Ideally, on Green Friday, shoppers would choose to abstain from shopping altogether. However, that’s not exactly an option for every person. Many still need or want to take advantage of the savings. In those cases, we recommend supporting sustainable organizations and local businesses. By raising awareness of consumer shopping habits and the overconsumption of goods, the holiday is making progress! Join the movement and encourage the organizations you support to commit to sustainable practices.

We Support The Green Friday Mission

Our hometown of Boulder is known for leading the way in sustainability and environmental policy. Terrapin’s team brings years of experience with environmental best practices. They have prioritized efforts to minimize their footprint across the entire business. From growing to distribution, Terrapin wants to lead a forward-thinking cannabis industry by developing green production practices. 

Terrapin Care Station Sustainability

  • Recyclable, compostable, and post-consumer waste packaging
  • Minimizing energy use in the grow and during production with consideration for LEED standards
  • Reducing water consumption by developing plans to supplement cultivation processes with rainwater. 
  • Collecting recyclable materials like metal, paper, and glass in all of our facilities
  • Composting soil, leafy materials, and other organic waste in grow operations. 

You can read more about how Terrapin is keeping Colorado green on our sustainability page

Make Green Friday a little Greener.

In support of Green Friday, we’ll be offering special deals and promotions the entire weekend!