Pennsylvania patients may have noticed some new names on dispensary shelves. That’s because we have recently updated some of our PA-favorite strains to accommodate new Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) regulations. Below is a break-down of these new strain name updates. 

What are the new names? 

To prevent confusion, we decided to keep the transition as simple as possible.The new names are the acronyms listed on the right next to their previous name below.

Sour Garlic Cookies → SGC
Ice Cream Cake → ICC
Coffee Ice Cream → CIC
Grapefruit Cupcakes→ GFC
Jawa Cake → JWC
Cinnamon Buns → CNB
Blue Lemon Slushee → BLS
Lemon Cookies → LC
Mandarin Cookies → MNC
Moonshine Cookies → MC
Headband Cookies #1 = HBC1
Headband Cookies #2 = HBC2
Elphaba’s Pie = EBP
Sour Banana Cookies = SBC

Am I receiving different flower? 

Nope! It’s the same flower you know and love, just with a new name. 

Why did you change the names? 

We know, we prefer the original strain names too (Blue Lemon Slushee and Coffee Ice Cream anyone?), but the Pennsylvania DOH recently updated their medical marijuana naming conventions. 

What can I do to encourage the PA DOH to expand their regulations to be more friendly towards medical marijuana businesses and patients?   

Frequent regulatory changes and updates necessitate additional costs, resources and labor in order to meet sudden and strict regulations. As a result, medical marijuana businesses must allocate already-stretched resources to meet DOH demands rather than focus on creating premium products at accessible prices. 

As members of the medical marijuana community in Pennsylvania, we must make our voices heard to ensure that all patients have the freedom and liberty to choose the medicine that is right for them, and for medical marijuana companies to be able to practice fair business practices. 

You can email your local Congress member, representative Members of the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board and to urge them to facilitate more open medical marijuana business practices.