There has been a lot of talk about packaging in the cannabis industry and the conversation certainly isn’t over. Like everything we do at Terrapin, we are constantly seeking new and better ways to bring the best to you, the customers, and the patients who rely on our products for relief. Our recent transition of concentrates packaging from glass to plastic containers (drams), has been a hot topic of discussion among both the industry overall and the Terrapin audience; We hear you. Double Bear Concentrates, our line of premium extracts, was originally packaged in a small, glass container, a packaging style that is highly favored among Terrapin customers. When we transitioned from the original glass dram to the modified plastic design, we had two goals in mind: sustainability and usability. We absolutely hear the concerns of our loyal Double Bear fans, and want to better explain the thought process behind this controversial change.

It is easy to understand the resounding support for glass, inner drams in the packaging of concentrates. Glass is known to keep product fresh and overall makes the purchase feel more “premium”. When conducting a number of studies on the current plastic dram containers, we found that at both room and elevated (40C) temperatures, there was no indication of leaching or material carryover from the plastic containers in all test conditions. A safe, anti-static coating is applied to each dram, helping to prevent any product from “sticking” to the container once it has been opened. When kept in a proper, upright position, there is little to no margin for a concentrate product to stick to the inside of the plastic dram.

Finding and implementing innovative, sustainable practices has always been a primary focus for the Terrapin brand family. As we conducted research regarding sustainability in packaging, it became clear that when it comes to concentrates, plastic takes the green lead. Energy consumption is the driving factor behind these findings in two primary but different capacities. Glass, while seemingly “more” recyclable and green, takes a substantial amount of energy and fuel to produce — it takes even more to properly recycle. Another [vital] step in our process of getting great extracts on the shelves is shipping. By nature, glass is much heavier than plastic, making it much more costly on the environment to ship. We found that the amount of products we shipped in glass containers was consuming much more fuel than products using sustainable, Drug Plastics containers. What’s best for the environment and customer, is what is best for Terrapin too!

Phew! Now that we got through the more difficult topics, it’s time to talk about you, the consumer! When reviewing select feedback from a group of consumers, we found unique answers from patients/consumers who are older in age and suffer from chronic pain in their hands and wrists which results in issues controlling fine motor skills. The feedback mentioned the glass containers being much more of a hassle to open and handle than the new, small plastic drams. While this does not speak to everyone’s experience, we wanted to recognize and share a unique experience from different parts of our consumer base.

Let’s chat about some tips for best usage when it comes to the new plastic drams. To prevent spilling or “launching” any product from the packaging, place the dram down on a flat surface before opening. From there, hold it in place and press down on the rounded top. The lid should open up, allowing for easy removal. When it’s time to close your dram for freshness, use this same process but in reverse. With the dram on a flat surface, place the lid back over the dram and pres the hinges down to seal.

We are always seeking ways to improve every aspect of what we do, even the smallest bits of packaging! We very much appreciate the resounding requests for clarification on why this transition was made and hope we were able to better unravel the thought process behind what could seem to some like a minor change in product. For any further information, we encourage you to reach out to us at