There are tons of textures and varieties of cannabis wax. We love them all for their purity, potency, and flavor. When shopping for cannabis products, you want to consider your tolerance and which strains might work with your body best or achieve a specific mental space like relaxation or creativity. Here’s what you need to know about cannabis wax and our three favorite kinds!

Cannabis Wax is Strong Marijuana

Cannabis Wax is a potent Marijuana oil popular for its superior flavor, intense high, and versatility. Extracted from cured marijuana plants, cannabis wax is a gooey mix of pure cannabinoids and rich terpenes without any plant matter. Containing up to 90% THC, marijuana wax is a powerful way to get high. Whether you’re using the wax for medicinal purposes or recreation, wax is by far the strongest cannabis product, known for intense euphoria and speedy onset.

Using a BHO process, we separate cannabis plant matter from the resin and trichomes. You can learn about using BHO to achieve different wax textures here. We can also create live resin by exchanging cured plant material for fresh-frozen cannabis in this process. We wouldn’t recommend making wax on your own, as it is a pretty complicated and technical process. Depending on which method we use, cannabis wax can take a few different forms, including shatter, budder, oil, sugar, resin, crumble, and many others. Wax is an overarching term for all of these products, and anyone can use it interchangeably with “extracts,” “oils,” and “dabs.”

Dabbing with Wax

Cannabis wax is a versatile product. You can use it in edibles, vaporizers, infused into prerolls, and added as bowl toppers. However, cannabis enthusiasts will tell you, dabs are the best way to enjoy marijuana wax. You can take a dab with a dab rig or use a nectar collector tool.

Good Cannabis Wax vs. Bad Cannabis Wax

The best “tell” for good quality wax is the color. A good product will be a light amber color. Lighter colors can be a good indicator of purity, while darker sports or a green tint tells us that the product still has some plant matter. More plant matter means it has lower potency and was probably not extracted correctly.

Shatter Wax

Shatter is the most solid form of cannabis extract. It is so rigid that it breaks apart into shards like glass. Making a very high-quality shatter can be difficult. It tends to butter up and become opaque. Curious about making shatter? Learn more on our blog post, Different Textures of BHO. So, shatter will be a yellow or amber color. Shatter will last a bit longer than the softer waxes, but it’s more brittle, so it can be challenging to handle.

Crumble Wax

Crumble wax has a dry, loose texture rather than gooey and pliable like other kinds of wax. It can take on honeycomb shapes that break apart when handled, giving this extract the crumbly texture. It is a yellow color that darkens into golden as it ages. Shatter and crumble have a similar process to create the brittle texture but crumble will be whipped to incorporate the air, which gives it a texture that falls apart when handled. Crumble is great for infusing your joints or bowls because it can take more direct heat. We love cannabis crumble’s mystifying flavor and elevating potency that happens because the process better preserves the plant’s original compounds.

Live Resin

Live resin is the highest quality of cannabis wax because it requires frozen instead of cured cannabis plants. This process preserves the trichomes crystals and terpene profile before extraction. We consider it full-spectrum because it contains all the original cannabinoids and terpenes. Live resin will typically have a saucy consistency, but frozen plant material can make any extract texture.

Ready to try a new cannabis wax texture? Terrapin has partner dispensaries in Pennsylvania. Their friendly budtenders can help you make the best strain and texture choice for your budget and preferences! Check out the menu at local dispensaries here.