Flower consumption is not all bong hits and vapes. Rolling flower can be an intimate and flavorful option for you to enjoy your favorite strains. Here, we’re listing four different ways you can consume cannabis in compact, convenient and lightweight ways.  

Best Ways to Roll Weed:

Paper Pre-Rolls

    • Paper pre-rolls come in a few different forms. The two most common are a joints and cones. Traditionally, joints are rolled by hand using fresh ground cannabis inside of a lightweight paper. We enjoy this Leafly tutorial for a beginner’s guide to rolling a joint. Joints generally contain about 1 gram of cannabis. Cones are paper cones filled with ground flower and twisted shut at the top. At the bottom of the cone is a filter that prevents you from inhaling flower. Filling a cone paper is an easy and efficient way to use your flower if hand-rolling joints is not preferred.


      • Blunts can be made with a hollowed-out cigar or by using a ready-to-roll wrap paper. With either method, people will place the ground cannabis inside of the blunt paper and then hand roll the cannabis inside of the blunt material. Oftentimes, people replace pre-rolled cigars or cigarillos with ground flower. Blunts are usually larger and longer than joints and contain about 2-3 grams of cannabis.


        • A cannagar is similar to a blunt, but instead of a cigar or wrap paper, cannabis or hemp leaves are pressed and rolled into a conical shape. The cannagar rolling method allows for a slow-burn, full-flavored roll that lasts for hours. This method was originally coined the “Thai Stick ” in the 1970’s. However, unlike today’s cannagar, the Thai Stick originally covered the cannabis with opium. We love Purple Rose Supply’s infographic breaking down the nuances of canagars vs. Thai Sticks vs. blunts.

Glass Joint Pipe

          • Glass joint pipes are exactly what they sound like: joints made out of glass. The benefits of using glass rather than rolling papers is that there are no additives or flavors added to the flower. With this portable smoking method, you enjoy pure flower flavor. We enjoy GRAV’s glass joint collection. Glass joints also come in twisty versions, where the ceramic core cools down the smoke before you inhale. Furthermore, using portable glass joints seals the flower, keeping it fresher longer. Glass joint pipes come in a variety of sizes. This is a great easy-to-use solution for those who do not want to learn paper rolling techniques. 

Whether you prefer to keep it classic and roll paper joints or embrace tech innovation with glass joints, there are compact, convenient and lightweight cannabis consumption methods for you! check out the delicious flower strains we have available.