What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash is a particular texture of cannabis hash.  The technique for making bubble hash includes a few tools like ice water and strainers. Hash can range from a pale blonde color to dark brown. Lighter colors indicate higher quality and are most popular in dispensaries. We call it bubble hash because, unlike other concentrates, it bubbles when exposed to a flame. 

How to Smoke Bubble Hash

You can use bubble hash in various ways, including vaporizers, bongs, pipes, and joints. You can smoke it with cannabis flower, add it to cigarettes or combine it with butter to create edibles. Many people like to roll the hash into little balls and place them on top of their full bowl. Dabbing bubble hash is also a popular option for people who own dab rigs or nectar collectors. You can learn more about how to dab hash with nectar collectors here. 

Bubble hash is highly potent. Even though the effects are very similar to flower or other kinds of extracts, you will feel them much more intensely. So, be cautious when dosing with other weed products.  The high won’t last as long as edibles, so you can expect to feel a dose of bubble hash for thirty minutes to an hour after consuming.

How to Make Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a cannabis resin made with ice water and filter bags. The ice water makes both the resin and trichomes less sticky, so the trichomes separate easily from the cannabis flower. Then the wax can be scooped out of the cold water using screens. These broken resin glands, which contain essential compounds like THC and CBD, move through a series of screens while the plant material is left behind, forming bubble hash. This method is the most effective way to preserve terpenes and each strain’s distinct flavor. 

The best quality bubble hash is called “full melt.” The ultra-refined full melt tends to bubble away when smoked or dabbed, leaving little to no substance behind. If there is any remaining plant material in the bubble hash, it doesn’t make the cut for “full melt” and will be given a lower grade. 

What is a Bubble Bag?

A bubble hash bag or bubble bag is a technical term for the bag used to make bubble hash. Bubble bags are your filtration screen. A container is filled with ice water and agitated to separate resin glands (including cannabinoids and terpenes) from the plant material. Then, you remove each layer of the bubble bags to pick out fine particles of cannabis resin. 

Bubble Hash is a potent and delicious way to enjoy the best of cannabinoids and terpenes. The friendly budtenders at Terrapin Care Station Dispensaries in Colorado can help guide you through our selection of Dadirii Bubble Hash, cannabis extracts, flower, and edibles. Want to learn more about cannabis extracts and dabbing? Check out our blog post, Learn to Dab.